Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I have been in Alaska for just over a month and I am absolutely loving it.  The landscape here is breathtaking, the lodge I am working at is just stupendous, and the community of staff and fellow guides is something quite special. My days have been packed to the brim with kayaking, canoeing, and lots of birding. I have so much to share, and I will let my words paint a picture of one morning here. Location: Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge, Ridge Trail, opening below summit by 100m Time: 0935 26 May 2018 Weather: Warm, clear blue skies, ~62˚F It is mid-morning and spring has arrived on the Kenai Peninsula. The generally cloudy and precipitous skies have broken, for the moment at least. A wealth of cool, but prominent light beams from the snow covered mountains to my east. The gentle ripples of water, slowly dragged by the calm air, move towards me from the South East. I can hear small waves as they crash on the dark rocky shore. Some Fiddleneck have begun to unfurl, displaying their crumpled and wet fronds, while their sisters still remain like a closed up fist not yet ready to shake hands with summer. The fresh alder buds point...

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