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Speaking Engagements

Interested in having Benny present for your group or Audubon Chapter?

His lineup of engaging presentations have been shared with over 20 Audubon Chapters in California, Washington and Pennsylvania and can happen locally in Southern California or virtually for other locations.

Below you can check out recordings of his four different presentations covering birds, ecology and conservation to see if they would be a good fit for your group!

Check them out below

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The Magic of Central America: Costa Rica’s Birds and Ecology


Costa Rica has long been regarded as one of the top tropical birding destinations in the world and with good reason! This small Central American country is roughly the size of West Virginia yet is home to ~5% of the world’s biodiversity, 900+ species of birds with 47 regional endemics!


During our presentation, we’ll visit a variety of ecosystems including the cloud forest, the Caribbean lowlands, the pacific dry forest, and the ecological factors that have made Costa Rica the international birding mecca that it is!


Run Time: 50 mins

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Feathers and Flight: A Journey to the New World Tropics


Delving into topics of migration, tropical speciation, and biodiversity, this media-rich journey will share some of the fascinating and unique birds that inhabit the new world tropics. 

Sure to both educate and entertain, this presentation will leave you with a deeper understanding of tropical ecology, and knowledge about where some of our backyard birds spend their winters!


Run Time: 45 mins

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From Sea to Summit: The Marvelous Hummingbird

From the incredible migration path of the Rufous Hummingbird in Alaska to the Giant Hummingbird of the Andes of South America, join us as we explore the magic of hummingbirds! 


With 360 species recognized globally, we’ll discuss their remarkable biology, unique physiology, expansive range, ecological significance, and the best way to attract them to your yard! Mouth-watering media and local hummingbird ID section included!


Run Time: 50 mins

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Bringing Birds to the Garden: California Native Plants for the Win

Did you know California is home to over 5,000 species of native plants and 700 species of birds have been observed here? However, much of the state’s native flora is now in peril, with many species listed as endangered and on the verge of extinction. 

Learn the history of these changes and how you can help bring back the birds through grassroots efforts at the home or garden. This presentation will teach you how to plan and maintain a California native plant garden to attract and care for birds visiting your local landscape. Additionally, participants will be introduced to many of the local birds that visit our yards and open spaces.


Run Time: 45 mins

Birding Festivals

Benny is a big fan of birding festivals and over the past several years has led field trips and presented at the following festivals:

Morro Bay Bird Festival

Monterey Bay Festival of Birds

San Diego Bird Festival

With extensive birding experience across the United States, Benny would be a great addition to a leader team for your birding festival.

Check out his eBird profile to see where he’s been birding.

Want a Custom Tour?

Want to put together your own custom tour with some friends or family? Feel free to reach out and we can help you arrange something to fit your group’s needs.