Red-tailed Hawk – Corporate Enrichment Program – 4 Hours


4 Hours

Group Size: 1-10 participants

Price: $899 




Our “Red-tailed Hawk” program gives you the skills to rise above the stress and connect like the best!


This 4-hour nature-based team builder, is certainly comprehensive, but as you will see, the time flies by!


Intro Circle – 10 mins

Birding Walk – 90 mins

During our walk together will learn how to tune into the sights and sounds of the natural world, allowing us to spot our local feathered wildlife. This conscious raising activity awakens our latent senses to the secrets of wildlife spotting, while connecting to local green spaces!

This session includes:

  • Binocular Finesse
  • Birding 101
  • Who’s that Bird?
  • Native plants and Wildlife!


Restroom Break – 5 mins


Native Plant Game – 20 mins

Organic, Local, or Vegetarian?
Do you have certain foods that you prefer?
Well it turns out the birds do too!

After our formal introduction to birding, we’ll put our skills to the test while we try to pair some of the birds we saw with the native plants they rely upon! This interactive activity is both fun and educational!


Sensory Awareness Team Builder – 20 min

Here we’ll introduce your team to a set of mindfulness-based skills rooted in ancient stalking techniques sure to both excite and entertain!


Sustainability Steps – 45 min

This section of our program creates an inviting dialogue that offers compelling sustainability alternatives that empower participants to make decisions with big impacts with little-effort.
We can help you pick options that will meet your group’s interest best!

Topic options include: (Choose 2)

  • Elevate Your Brew: Bird-Friendly Coffee
  • Backyard Hunters: Sneaky Felines
  • Beyond Plastics: 10 Easy Solutions
  • Birds and Buildings: A Crash Collision!
  • The Palm Oil Plight

After sustainability alternatives discussion, we’ll have a break to enjoy some bird-friendly coffee and some sustainably sourced snacks!


Restroom break – 10 mins

Sensory Awareness Team Builder  – 20 mins

We’ll dive into another team builder, strengthening our group dynamic and engaging our senses!


The Sit Spot Journaling – 15 minutes


After a few group sessions, we’ll break into some solo time while we connect with ourselves and the natural world. A few intentional journal prompts, and your team will be reflecting and connecting.

Following our solo journaling time, we’ll come back together as a group and folks will have a chance to share some of their thoughts or reflections from today. 


Closing Remarks – 5 minutes

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